Our Method

Before any Block or Rock is installed the shoreline area is prepared by cleaning out any debris and the shoreline over hangs are smoothed out. Then, black landscaping cloth is laid on top of the shoreline area where the rock or black will be installed. When installing block geogrid clean gravel is also used. When placing the blocks they are arranged in the customers desired location within SCE&G ordinances. When the rocks are installed the thicker rocks are selectively placed on the area closer to the water. The rocks are arranged and hand placed in an attractive manner.

Shoreline Stablization

We offer a variety of shoreline stablization services including:

* Installation of River Rock

* Installation of Rip Rap Rock

* Installation of custom Block Wall

Shoreline Stablization is essential to preventing further erosion of your property and retaining your property value.

Mr.Herault's turn key project with Mountain rock

Mr.Herault's turn key project with Mountain rock