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Lake Murray Boat Lift Lake Murray Docks Boat Lift installation and supplies located in Chapin on Lake Murray S.C. We sale and install Tide tamer cable boat lifts. A new Tide Tamer cable boat lift is a great addition to your new dock and pier. It can also be a great upgrade for your boat. Want to get rid of the monthly fees associated with dry storage and the hassle of having to go pick up your boat and return it to storage once you're done? When you install a boat lift to your dock you add a tremendous convience where you can simply walk down your pier onto your dock and board your boat. Another great fact is once your done with fun on the lake all you have to do is pull your boat up into your boat lift and your done for the day. Contact Lake Murray Docks Boat Lift installers and suppliers in Chapin and choose a maintanance free Tide tamer Cable Boat Lift.

1st   2nd Pictures: 7,000lbs Tide Tamer Boat Lifts

3rd   4th Pictures: 10,000lbs Tide Tamer Boat Lifts

Tide Tamer cable lifts/hoist

Tide tamer

Lake Murray Docks Cable Boat Lift Information

Tide tamer boat lifts are known for their powerful direct drive, aluminum and stainless finish thats just gives the great quality look with the durability of the best lift on the market. With the invention of the Swinger® lift over a decade ago, Tide Tamer has developed an extensive line of unique boat lifts. Our standard product line includes boat lifts for almost every application. We offer capacities from 1,000 lbs. to 180,000 lbs. Tide Tamer lifts are available with custom fabrication and design to accommodate complex hull designs and arrangements.

Boat Lift Features:

- Hatteras Drive Unit
- Welded Construction
- Stainless Steel Motor
- Smart Route Cable System
- Stainless Steel Cable Sheaves
- Grooved Cable Winders

Boat Lift Options:

- Walkboard
- Walkboard Ladder
- Snap Trax Bunk Cover
- Wireless Remote
- Auto Stop
- Custom Bunks
- Tide Guides
- Flare Guides
- Remote Control Stands

Lift your boat up in style choose a Tide Tamer Boat Lift installed by Chapin dock and pier builders Lake Murray Docks.

Tide Tamer cable lifts/hoist

No Worries with a new Tide Tamer 10,000 lb boat lift

Tide Tamer cable lifts/hoist